July 24, 2024

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ECA Group Empowers Abroad Education Consultants

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Chandigarh, June 1, 2023: Australia’s largest private higher education provider – Education Centre of Australia (ECA), hosted a successful event at Taj Chandigarh, motivating and empowering abroad education consultants. The event based workshop aimed to debunk misinformation surrounding university applications from India for study in Australia aspirants. ECA Group reaffirms Australia’s warm welcome to genuine students who meet the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) criteria.

More than 100 Leading abroad education consultants from all across India came together in these times of difficulty to seek best options available to students. ECA Group, known for its transparency and fair practices, emphasised the importance of genuine and accurate information and guiding students towards educational success.

Australian private higher education giant – ECA also assured the audience about smooth processes for genuine students in ECA Owned and ECA Managed Campuses.

Students can study with ECA Group at University of Canberra Sydney Hills, Victoria University Sydney and Brisbane, University of Tasmania Melbourne, Swinburne University of Technology Sydney, Asia Pacific International College Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne, Higher Education Leadership Institute Melbourne and College of Health Sciences Sydney and Brisbane.

ECA Group, also known for its devotion to its partner consultants, remembered its Partner Meet 2023 Cambodia event and announced the next annual ECA event in Bali in 2024.

ECA partner consultants showed great enthusiasm, reflecting the positive trajectory in study in the Australian market.

India being the second largest source of Study in Australia, aspirants look up to ECA’s Group’s strong commitment to supporting Indian students in achieving their academic and career goals. ECA Global CEO, Rajesh Singh puts his emphasis on promoting fair practices and encouraging quality work among abroad education consultants for a better and brighter path for all.

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