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Allen Career Institute once again proved their Mettle in JEE Main 2023 Exam

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Chandigarh, April 29, 2023: Allen Chandigarh classroom student Raghav Goyal became the flag bearer of masterstroke grades for the institute by securing AIR 20 in JEE Main 2023 followed by Aryan Chugh, Moulik Jindal, Kartik Goyal, Bikramjeet Singh, and Navya Garg who are all the students of Allen bagged an AIR 56, AIR 75 , AIR 82, AIR 146 and AIR 190, respectively.

As per the result compiled so far 4 students fall under the gracious position of AIR Top 100, 13 students are in Top 500 AIR, 27 students are in Top 1000 AIR from Allen Tricity Campuses.

✓ Raghav Goyal
a) He bagged an AIR-20 in JEE Main 2023 and became Tri-City Topper
b) He has qualified in NSEP (Physics), NSEC (Chemistry), and Pre-Qualified for INMO
Mathematics Olympiad).
c) He has won a Gold Medal in IOAA (Astronomy and Astrophysics Olympiad).
d) He is one of the 5 students selected in Indian Team to represent the country at
International Physics Olympiad(IPhO) to be held in Tokyo, Japan from 10 – 17th July, 2023
e) He is a student of Bhavan Vidyalaya, Panchkula.
f) His father Pankaj Goyal and mother Mamta Goyal, residents of Chandigarh,
are into Business.

✓ Aryan Chugh
a) He secured an AIR 56 in JEE Main 2023.
b) His father Rajiv Chugh and mother Khushwant Kaur both are serving the nation as
teachers and live in Mohali.
c) He is a student of Govt. Model Sr. Sec. School, Sec-35, Chandigarh

✓ Moulik Jindal
a) He bagged an AIR 75 in JEE Main 2023.

c) He is a student of Bhavan Vidyalaya, Panchkula.

d) His father Rohit Jindal is a businessman and mother Rekha Jindal is a homemaker and are residents of Chandigarh.

✓ Kartik Goyal
a) He secured an AIR 82 in JEE Main 2023.
b) He has qualified NSEP (Physics), NSEC(Chemistry Olympiad).
c) His father Rajesh Goyal and mother Anita Rani are the locals of Ludhiana and into
the teaching profession.

One of the institutions that is an ambassador of consistently producing the exemplary score sheet from the Northern Region is Allen Chandigarh. The most JEE Main 2023 selections from a single institute in the region came from Allen Chandigarh, the only institution.

All of the students were very sincere and ardent learners, according to Sadanand Wani, the Centre Head of ALLEN Tricity Campuses and a Senior Chemistry Faculty member. They carefully and fervently adhered to all of the directives that were given to them. Students are very interested in conceptual thinking, and they have never been big believers in memorization. Wani praised both his academic staff and the students for realizing the group’s aim of seeing Allen at the top. Wani applauded his faculty as well as the students for turning the collective dream of seeing Allen as an epitome of intellect, grace, knowledge and values, flourishing into reality.

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