June 24, 2024

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Gagan Damama Bajyo leaves Audience Captivated

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Chandigarh, May 10, 2024: Shoolini Creative Studio, the drama club of Shoolini University, captivated the audience at Tagore Theatre here, with their annual production, “Gagan Damama Bajyo,” a stirring musical portrayal of the life of Shaheed-e-Azam Bhagat Singh.

Directed by Ankur Bashar, Assistant Professor of Performing Arts at Shoolini, and featuring a cast of students from various departments, the play mesmerised audiences with its powerful storytelling and soulful performances.

Written by the renowned artist Piyush Mishra, “Gagan Damama Bajyo” brought to life the heroic journey of Bhagat Singh, showcasing his unwavering courage, intellectual prowess, and profound love for his country.

The play received great compliments for its outstanding performances and impeccable direction. Mr. Ankur Bashar’s vision and dedication to authenticity and revolution resonated with the audience, igniting a spark of inspiration and patriotism, said Prof. P. K. Khosla, Chancellor of Shoolini University.

Dr. Ashoo Khosla, Chief Learning Officer at Shoolini University, said the musical play, a milestone in Hindi theatre, not only entertained but also enlightened audiences about the legendary Bhagat Singh’s multifaceted personality and his enduring legacy. Through meticulous research and hard work, Bashar and the talented cast and crew crafted a theatrical experience that left a lasting impact on all who witnessed it.

The music director of the play, Manoj Thapar, a versatile actor and graduate of the National School of Drama in 2019, brings a wealth of experience to “Gagan Damama Bajyo.”. Thapar’s dynamic skill set enhances the performance, showcasing his dedication to the craft and promise in the world of performing arts.

The play gives a strong message: “Fear will always stop us from taking risks, but trust will give us true freedom.” With its powerful message and exceptional performances, “Gagan Damama Bajyo” exemplified the transformative power of art and the enduring spirit of revolution.

Ankur Bashar is an international educator, performer, thespian, director, voice coach, performance artist, poet, and playwright. He holds a Master’s in Performance Studies from Ambedkar University and a Master’s in Acting from the prestigious National School of Drama. Currently, he is a junior research fellow for the ministry of culture.

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