July 21, 2024

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From Gyan to Karma: Prof. Prem Kumar Khosla Unveils His ‘Eighty-Four Memoirs

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Chandigarh, March 11, 2024: In an enriching addition to the world of literature, Prof. Prem Kumar Khosla, a distinguished educator serving as the Chancellor of Shoolini University, Solan and a visionary in the field of biotechnology and management sciences, announced the launch of his latest book, Eighty-Four Memoirs here at Chandigarh Press Club today. This compilation is not just a reflection of Prof. Khosla’s life but a profound journey through the myriad experiences and insights he has gathered over the decades.

In the presence of notable dignitaries, including Major General Neeraj Bali, and amidst an enlightening conversation with Motivational Speaker and former IAS officer, Vivek Atray, Prof. Khosla shared his compelling journey encapsulated in this new book.

Major General Neeraj Bali remarked, “Prof. Khosla’s ‘Eighty-Four Memoirs’ is not just a book; it’s a beacon of knowledge and experience, illuminating the path for future generations.”

While Vivek Atray further added, “In conversation with Prof. Khosla, one can’t help but be inspired. His memoirs are a testament to a life dedicated to the pursuit of wisdom through both education and action.”

Eighty-Four Memoirs emerges as a culmination of Prof. Khosla’s extensive career, marked by relentless curiosity and a dedication to education and research. The book, however, steps beyond the bounds of a traditional autobiography. It is an introspective collection that delves into personal, professional, and societal observations, presenting a tapestry of learnings drawn from both Gyan (education) and Karma (action). This book is an invitation to readers to engage with thought-provoking content, offering a unique perspective on life’s multifaceted experiences.

Prof. Khosla shared, “As I journeyed through the process of writing these memoirs, I found myself traversing the vast landscape of my mind, both archived and contemporary. The act of compiling these memoirs is my way of sharing the essence of my life’s wisdom with anyone looking to ponder the deeper meanings and stories that shape our existence.”

Spanning eighty-four diverse topics, the memoirs navigate through current issues, past experiences, and the subtle nuances of life that often go unnoticed. Prof. Khosla’s narrative unfolds in an organic manner, with each memoir sparking the inception of the next, crafting a seamless flow of thoughts and reflections.

“Eighty-Four Memoirs is a narrative that unfolds the complexity of life’s experiences and the simplicity of its truths. Each memoir is a stepping stone to understanding the larger picture of life’s mosaic. It is more than a book; it is a mentor, a friend, and a guide for those who seek to immerse themselves in the richness of lived wisdom. It stands as a testament to a life well-lived and the timeless value of sharing knowledge,” Prof. Khosla further elaborated.

Published by Matrix Publishers, the book is now available for readers worldwide, promising to be a cherished addition to any book lover’s collection.

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