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Allen Career Institute once again proved their Mettle in JEE Main Exam

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Chandigarh, February 7, 2023: Allen Chandigarh classroom student Moulik Jindal repeated history for the institute by securing 99.9973152 %ile score in JEE Main 2023 (Jan attempt), other Allen Tricity students Raghav Goyal scored 99.9973152 %ile, Kartik Goyal obtained 99.9970943%ile, Navya Garg scored 99.9892740 %ile, Bikramjeet Singh scored 99.9823004 %ile & Aaditya Sharma scored 99.9811132 %ile along with getting 100 %ile score in Physics

As per the result compiled so far 3 students are under 99.997 %ile, 19 students are under 99.90 %ile score, 129 students are under 99 %ile score, 7 students obtained 100 %ile score in Physics and 1 Student in Mathematic from Allen Tricity Campuses.

Moulik Jindal
a) He scored 99.9973152 %ile in JEE Main 2023

b) He is qualified in NSEP (Physics), NSEC (Chemistry), NSEA(Astronomy) & IOQM (Mathematics Olympiad)
c) He is from Bhavan Vidyalaya, Panchkula.

Raghav Goyal
a) He secured 99.9973152 %ile score in JEE Main 2023.
b) He is qualified in NSEP (Physics), NSEC (Chemistry), Pre-Qualified for INMO (Mathematics Olympiad).
c) He has won Gold Medal in IOAA (Astronomy and Astrophysics Olympiad)
d) He is from Bhavan Vidyalaya, Panchkula.

Allen Chandigarh is one of the most consistent institutes which have been producing the best result year by year from the Northern Region. Allen Chandigarh is the only institute who has produced the highest number of selections in JEE Main 2023(Jan Attempt) from any single institute in the region.

The Center Head of ALLEN Tricity Campuses, Sadanand Wani, who is also a Senior Chemistry Faculty, revealed that all the students were very sincere and obedient. They diligently followed all the instructions given to them in letter and spirit. Students have tremendous interest in conceptual thinking and they never believed in rote learning. Wani applauded his academic team as well as the students for turning the collective dream of seeing Allen at the top flourishing into reality.

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