December 1, 2023

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18-year-old girl with ovarian cysts successfully treated through Robotic Surgery at Fortis Mohali

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Mohali, November 18, 2022: For several months, a Chandigarh-based 18-year-old girl, had been experiencing chronic pelvic pain and cramps, heavy menstrual bleeding, pain during urination along with bloating and nausea. The Patient underwent treatment at another hospital with no improvement in her health. She finally consulted Dr Swapna Misra, Director of Obstetrics & Gynaecology Department, Fortis Mohali, who is also a Robotic Laparoscopic and Cancer Surgeon, earlier this month.

Subsequent medical examination revealed that the Patient had dysmenorrhea – a disorder characterized by severe menstrual cramps and pain during periods. Further, the ultrasound revealed two large benign cysts (measuring 13cmx10 cm) around both the ovaries.

So Far, ovary removal was the standardized treatment for women having cysts around ovaries. However, given the Patient’s young age and to help preserve the organ so that she could conceive in future, Dr Misra decided to treat her through Robotic Surgery.

Robotic Surgery is the latest form of minimal invasive surgery and provides a 3D view of the operative field via a special camera inserted into the body of the patient. Parts of the body which are difficult to reach with the human hand can be accessed through robot-assisted arms that can rotate 360 degrees. Fortis Hospital Mohali has the world’s most advanced 4th Generation Robot – Da Vinci Xi, through which Robotic Surgery is conducted.

The team of doctors led by Dr Misra conducted Bilateral Cystectomy (removal of ovarian cyst) and Adhesiolysis (remove adhesions from inside the uterus) through Robotic Surgery on 1st November this year. This way, Dr Misra successfully treated the Patient and saved her ovary.

Following good rehabilitation at Fortis Mohali, the Patient was discharged two days post the surgery. She has recovered fully and leading a healthy life today.

Discussing the case, Dr Misra, said, “Robotic Surgery has been established as the gold standard procedure for almost all gynecological surgeries — fibroids, endometriosis, vesico-vaginal fistula, ovarian cyst, salpingo-oophorectomy, myomectomy, hysterectomy and all cancers of the uterus, ovary and cervix.”

Dr Misra, who has conducted more than 200 Robotic Surgeries, further added, “Robotic Surgery has better clinical outcomes compared to conventional surgeries as it ensures less blood loss, less pain, less scarring, shorter hospital stay and faster recovery. Robotic Surgery has revolutionized the treatment of various gynecological diseases.”

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