March 4, 2024

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CDAC, Mohali to launch unique AI enabled wireless stethosocpe suitable for telemedicine

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Mohali, April 1, 2022: Stethoscope is perhaps the most widely used medical insturment. It is used for listening to the body sounds by almost all faculties of medical professionals and has infact, become an integral identity of a medical professional. With the dire need of remote healthcare and a peculiar challenge thrown up by global pandemic – Covid 19, the world is left desiring wireless electronic stethosocpes.

Recognising the critical need Dr PK Khosla at CDAC Mohali initiated development of indegenous electronic stethoscopes. Braving all the conditions, Dr Jaspal Singh and Shailesh Singh delivered a unique electronic stethosocpe in two variants. The technology was tranfered to a Mumbai based start-up, which has repackaed the system in a user friendly and sleek looking device. The device is now ready to storm the Indian markets with its unique offerings. These new generation stethoscopes will be useful for accurate diagnosis, rural healthcare, making tele-consultation more effective and also help clinicains in pandemic situation to examine patients without going in the vicinity of patient. Not resting on the laurels, CDAC Mohali is now workiing to deliver an Artificial intelligence based smart stethosocpe that will assist the helathcare worker to diagnose pediatric pneumonia.

That is a Made in India smart device to the market for an AtamNirbhar bharat.

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