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Dushyant Chautala directed the DCs and District Revenue Officers to complete the pending work of consolidation in their respective areas at the earliest

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Chandigarh, March 5, 2022: Haryana Deputy Chief Minister, Dushyant Chautala directed the Deputy Commissioners and District Revenue Officers to complete the pending work of consolidation in their respective areas at the earliest so that people do not face any inconvenience. He said that if additional manpower is required in the disposal of the work of consolidation, then complete cooperation can be taken from the State Government.

The Deputy Chief Minister was presiding over the meeting of the Deputy Commissioners and District Revenue officers at Chandigarh.

On this occasion, Additional Chief Secretary, Revenue & Disaster and Consolidation Departments, PK Das, Director, Consolidation of Land Holding & Land Records, Amna Tasneem besides other senior officers were also present.

Dushyant Chautala reviewed the work of consolidation. It was informed in his presence that consolidation work is being done in 66 villages of 12 districts. Maximum 21 villages are from Charkhi Dadri district in which Atela Khurd, Jhojhu Khurd, Gokal, Gudana, Dhani Phogat, Tiwala, Mai Kalan, Mai Khurd, Chandeni, Bir Samaspur, Ladawas, Nimar, Pichopa Khurd, Kubja Nagar, Kanhera, Umarwas, Khorda, Laad, Berla, Todi Nihalgarh and Bindravan are included. Apart from this, work of consolidation was also done in 14 villages of Bhiwani district, including Ghangala, Saral, Dariyapur, Sandwa, Miraan, Kitlana, Prem Nagar, Leghan Bhanan, Jui Khurd, Kharkari, Pahari, Singhani, Chahar Kalan and Madholi Kalan. Progress report was given.

The Deputy Chief Minister visited the villages of Rohtak district including Bhaini Chanderpal, Mokhra Khedi, Girawar, Mokhra Kheri Rose, Kultana and Mohabbatpur villages of Hisar district, Shah Satnam Pura of Sirsa district, Chhara, Barhi, Khedi Hoshdarpur, Kiloi, villages of Panipat district of district Jhajjar. Nanhera, Sanoli Kalan, Hathwala, villages of Karnal district, Dabkoli Khurd, Mangalora Jadid, Chogawan, Nangal, Mangalora Kadim, Kairwali, Salola and Harioli villages of Ambala district, Shikhopur and Mubarikpur villages of Gurugram district, Kot and Mewat villages of Faridabad district Reviewed the ongoing work of consolidation in the villages of Saidpur, Khayka, Nurpur, Basaimeo, Ghata, Shamshadabad and Gangani.

The Deputy Chief Minister directed the officers to complete the work of consolidation within the stipulated period. He further said that if the work of consolidation is being affected in any village due to the mutual disputes of the villagers, then the officers should try to settle the matters with mutual consent with the people of the village. The people of the villages would be greatly benefited from it.

Additional Chief Secretary, Revenue, Disaster and Consolidation Department, PK Das suggested to the officers that they can also get some posters published in Hindi, in which the entire process of consolidation is written in simple language, this will not create confusion among the villagers and they will become aware of the benefits of consolidation.

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