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The Haryana Prevention of Unlawful Conversion of Religion Bill, 2022, aims to maintain communal harmony and brotherhood, not divide the society: Haryana CM

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Chandigarh, March 5, 2022: Haryana Chief Minister, Manohar Lal said that The Haryana Prevention of Unlawful Conversion of Religion Bill, 2022, introduced on the third day of the Vidhan Sabha session on Friday, aims to maintain communal harmony and brotherhood and not divide the society.

He said that in the past few days many incidents have been reported in Yamunanagar, Panipat, Faridabad, Gurugram and Nuh wherein forced conversions were done by allurement, fake promises of taking abroad, expanding business and running away from home. Such incidents have become a matter of great concern, said the Chief Minister.

FIRs have also been registered in many cases. Such incidents are happening all over the country and different states have made their own laws to stop such incidents, said Manohar Lal.

The Chief Minister said this while addressing the media persons after the debate on Governor’s Address during the ongoing session of Vidhan Sabha here today.

He said that the Bill does not bar a person from willful conversion, provided that such person has to submit an application before the District Magistrate one month in advance.

Although the provisions in the Indian Penal Code too call for action against those involved in forced conversion, but this does not provide complete solution to this problem, hence enactment of this law is the need of the hour, said Manohar Lal.

While responding to another question, the Chief Minister said that after this Bill is passed it will surely be brought into force. But if any complaint is received in older cases, then action will be taken in that as well.

Responding to a question regarding missionaries, the Chief Minister said that no person belonging to any religion is restricted to establish their shrines. This Bill is also against such religious institutions who try to spread superstitions by giving religious aura assuring people to cure diseases.

Responding to another question regarding discussion in the House on Lal Dora, the Chief Minister said that this scheme, which was started on January 26, 2020 from Sirsi village of Karnal district was later implemented by Prime Minister, Narendra Modi in many states under the name of SVAMITVA Yojana.

The Chief Minister clarified that the Panchayat in the meeting of the Gram Sabha has to share the information about who has the possession of the said land inside Lal Dora. After that its mapping is done. If anyone has any objection, they can appeal to the Deputy Commissioner within a month. He said that so far 10 lakh properties have been identified under Lal Dora in 3000 villages and 3.5 lakh registries have been done.

Responding to another question about ‘Operation Ganga’, the Chief Minister said that till now 1815 students of Haryana have been identified, while earlier this number was 1785.

The Chief Minister said that so far 1014 students have returned and 123 students are stuck in different cities of Ukraine. Besides this, 599 students have reached Poland, Hungary and Slovakia border and 59 have not been contacted and 20 students from Haryana are about to reach. He said that this problem is not limited to India only but is a matter of concern for the world too. So bringing everyone safe is government’s first priority.

The Chief Minister said that behaviour of former Speaker, Dr. Raghuvir Singh Kadian and other Congress members in the House was unparliamentary and is a violation of the dignity of the House.

It would have been better if Dr. Kadian had apologized in the House when the Speaker gave him a chance to do so, the matter would have ended here, added Manohar Lal.

He said that Speaker’s decision becomes paramount whenever any resolution is passed with a majority. Even before this, in the last session, copies of three agricultural laws were torn by the members of the opposition and today, despite the Bill being tabled in the house, again Bill copies were torn. Therefore, Speaker had suspended Dr. Raghuvir Singh Kadian from attending the remaining sittings of the ongoing Session.

Media Advisor to the Chief Minister Amit Arya and other officials also remained present on the occasion.

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