July 23, 2024

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Doctors at Fortis Mohali share their inspiring mantra for success & what it takes to stay motivated at all times

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Dr RK Jaswal

Mohali, June 30, 2024: To acknowledge the relentless dedication of doctors and healthcare professionals in rendering exceptional service to patients at all times, National Doctor’s Day is observed on July 1 every year.

The event also coincides with the birth anniversary and death anniversary of Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy, one of India’s most renowned physicians. To honour the selfless service of doctors, Dr RK Jaswal, Head of Department and Director of Cardiology and Director – Cathlabs; and Dr Atul Joshi, Director, General Surgery, Laparoscopic and Oncology Surgeon, Fortis Hospital Mohali share tips on maintaining a healthy work-life balance and what keeps them motivated despite hectic schedules.

How to maintain work-life balance?
Stating that the latest advancements in technology had improved health services, Dr Jaswal, added, “Doctors are now accessible to patients 24 hours a day. However, a balance needs to be maintained between work and personal life. I ensure to set my priorities right. Even if I have to attend to a cardiac emergency in the middle of the night, I do so with utmost dedication. Likewise, I don’t carry work-related stress when I return home. I always give my best to my profession and leave the rest to God. That is the only way to achieve balance despite blurring lines between work and personal life.”

Talking on similar lines, Dr Joshi, said, “Endless working hours, strong work ethic, 24×7 availability for patients, a hugely understanding wife and a dedicated team have all contributed to my 17-year stint at Fortis Hospital Mohali. For me, conducting a surgery has never been ‘work’ in the strictest sense, but pure worship. Regular, short meditation sessions along with yoga do a world of magic. I also take off twice a year during which I render my services to underprivileged people at charitable medical camps across the country. I have also contributed to the opinion pages of The Tribune newspaper.”

How to stay healthy
Giving tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, Dr Jaswal, said, “Ensure to take a brisk walk for 45 minutes daily. Avoid consumption of tobacco-related products. Keep your weight under check. Be choosy about eating deep fried and junk food. Consume adequate fresh seasonal foods (250-400 grams) and

25-30 grams of nuts daily. One can manage stress through regular yoga, meditation, listening to devotional and classical music. Avoid getting worked up and leading a stressful life. An individual who can withstand anger and desire is a happy man.”

While sharing his thoughts, Dr Joshi, added, “Eat less and walk more. Regular exercise or yoga is the need of the hour. Be at peace with yourself. Indulge in productive activities and serve others selflessly. Participate in charitable activities. Try to meditate as it helps keep negative emotions at bay. Value your family and friends.”

Biggest milestone of career
Giving an insight into his professional achievements, Dr Jaswal, said, “The key milestone of my career was when I was invited to perform a live Trans Radial Complex Coronary Intervention at SINERGY, a conference on interventional cardiology, held in Serbia. The event comprised renowned cardiologists from Europe and Asia, and I was the only cardiologist from India who conducted a live surgery at the conference. This was a great recognition of my operating skills in the field of interventional cardiology.”

Going down memory lane, Dr Joshi, added, “The key milestone of my career was the day when my professor of surgery walked into my office. It was an overwhelming moment for me as he is not only a renowned surgeon, but was also the principal of the institution. I learnt the basics of surgery from him. He entered the room, pulled a chair to himself and in his authoritarian voice proclaimed – I need to be operated upon and you are going to be my surgeon. I knew God had been very kind to me.”

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