June 22, 2024

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Hundreds participate in the Run for Cybersecurity

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Chandigarh, June 2, 2024: Thrill Zone, an organisation with a mission to establish running as a serious sport, organised Chandigarh 10K Run 2024 here this morning. The event was organised to raise awareness about cybersecurity – “Run for Cybersecurity: Protecting Our Digital Footprint”

The run kicked-off at 5:30 a.m. from Chandigarh Club, Sector 1 and the participants ran across three categories – 10 km and 5 km categories, which were timed runs and a 3 km run for fun. Race Director of this event was Gaurav Karjee.

PC Kushwaha, Founder, Thrill Zone, the run organiser, said, “Thrill Zone is an organization working towards the establishment of running as a serious sport by means of runs and extensive training. We at Thrill Zone are committed to the cause of healthy living catering to the running fraternity to promote running culture. Completed its 100 events; Thrill Zone has organized half marathons all over India, hence works Pan India.”

In the 10 KM run, Age categories included, Under 18 Years, 19 to 30 Years, 31 to 40 Years, 41 to 50 Years, 51 to 60 Years, 61 to 70 Years and 71+Years, while 5 KM was a timed run and was open for all. Cut-off Timings for all distances included 10 KM (Timed Run) – 2 Hours and 5 KM (Timed Run) – 1 hour.

All participants were presented with a t-shirt, medal, participation certificate, and refreshments.

The following were the winners for the run in each category.

RESULTS (First Prize Winners Age-Group-Wise)

10 KMS

Male under 18: Kabir Sahota (00:39:55)

Female under 18: Nandini Singh (01:01:10)

Male 19-30: Saransh Nath (00:36:36)

Female 19-30: Tanisha Ray (01:15:18)

Male 31-40: Nayab Singh (00:39:42)

Female 31-40: Poonam (00:54:50)

Male 41-50: Gurjant Singh (00:45:40)

Female 41-50: Surinder Pal Kaur (01:03:29)

Male 51-60: Stephen van der Merwe (00:42:13)

Female 51-60: Shalu Goel (01:12:10)

Male 61-70: Jaskaran Singh (00:51:04)

Male 71+ years: Gurmeet Singh (01:29:19)

Female 71+ years: Basana Banik (01:32:11)


Male: Rishabh (00:17:01)

Female: Saloni (00:24:22)

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