May 18, 2024

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NCC Naval Wing Cadets of Carmel host talk show

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Chandigarh, April 1​7, 2024: The NCC Naval Wing Cadets of Carmel Convent School hosted an event for ‘Cadet Coffee Times’ a talk show founded in Carmel Convent School, Chandigarh under the guidance of School Principal Sister Shanta Fernandes.

The event was attended by prominent personalities of Suvichar Think Tank, including Gen. V.P. Malik (Former Army Chief), Vivek Atray (Retired IAS and Motivational Speaker), Dr. H.K. Bali (Renowned Interventional Cardiologist), Neena Singh (Former Executive Vice President, HDFC Bank), Col. D. S. Cheema (Author and Management Consultant) and Guest of Honour, Capt. (Dr.) Ranjana Malik, former president AWWA.

The talk centered around themes of mental wellness, anxiety and stress in students, and how to prevent the same.

The students eagerly listened as these mentors shared their views and opinions. They brought up many insightful ideas, how India has progressed, become a better place, and what the students, as the future of this country, should be doing to become better individuals.

Gen V. P. Malik pointed out the advancements made in countless fields by women in India. He recounted his days in the army, and left the crowd with words of advice.

Vivek Atray mentioned how it is a person’s independent way of thinking that ends up influencing their avenue. Col. D. S Cheema quoted the famous book, a Tale of Two Cities, ” It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” He connected this to contemporary India, and how one should focus on the bright side.

This event was made possible by ANO Preeti Swami, the founder of Cadet Coffee Times. Cadets Aanya Swami, Anamika Sharma, Aira Nautiyal, Mishika Goel, and NSS volunteers, Inayat Kaleja and Johret Sodhi engaged in the same under her guidance.

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