May 18, 2024

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India Alliance will have a historic victory in Chandigarh: Dr. SS Ahluwalia

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City residents will give answer to BJP dictatorship by voting: Prem Garg

City residents will take revenge for murder of democracy in mayor elections: Mayor Kuldeep Kumar

Chandigarh, April 15, 2024: An important meeting of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Chandigarh regarding the Lok Sabha elections was held in Sector 35 under the leadership of Punjab Water Supply and Sewerage Board Chairman and co-in-charge AAP Chandigarh Dr. SS Ahluwalia. Lok Sabha elections were discussed in detail in the meeting and a strategy was also made to defeat BJP with a big margin.

In this meeting, senior AAP leaders Prem Garg, Pradeep Chhabra, Chandramukhi Sharma, Vikram Dhawan, Vijaypal, Meena Sharma, PP Ghai, Mayor Kuldeep Kumar, Councilor Yogesh Dhingra, Prem Lata, Damanpreet Singh, Jasvir Singh Laddi, Ram Chandra Yadav, Anju Apart from Katyal, Manowar, Jaswinder Kaur, Suman Sharma, Neha Musawat and Poonam Kumari, AAP leader Dr. Harmeet Singh, Amit Jain, Satish Katyal, Advocate TPS Ahluwalia, Advocate Ferry Saufat, Gurmail Singh Sidhu, Ravi Mani, Rakesh Soni, Mamta Kainth, Gurdev Yadav, Rohit Dogra, Dr. Jagpal Singh, Harjinder Bawa, Sukhraj Sandhu, BS Sandhu, Desraj Sanawar, Dinesh Paswan, Mandeep Kalra, Ashok Kumar, Vikrant Tanwar, JJ Singh, Om Prakash Tiwari, Sagar, Kamal Yenki Kalia, Satish Kumar, Anil Kumar, Sharanjeet, Deepak. Sidhu, Kuldeep Kukki, Sunny Bairwa, Lalit Mohan, Heera Lal Kundra, Vishal, Sunil Shehra, Manmohan Pathak, Bajrang Garg, Geeta Devi, Balwinder Singh Bains, Rulda Singh and other leaders and volunteers participated.

Speaking on the occasion, Mayor Kuldeep Kumar said that BJP has made the condition of Chandigarh city worse during its tenure. The people of the city are very unhappy with the BJP. The city has lagged behind in terms of development, BJP is doing dirty politics in the entire country. Leaders of opposition parties are being included in BJP on the strength of money and with the help of ED. The city residents are eagerly waiting for the Lok Sabha elections to vent their anger on the BJP. The residents of Chandigarh city are ready to take revenge for the murder of democracy committed by BJP during the Mayor elections. He said that the people of Chandigarh will make the candidate of India Alliance win with a big margin.

Senior AAP leader Prem Garg said that BJP is ruling the entire country dictatorially. The Constitution and democracy are being murdered by the BJP in every state of the country. Leaders of opposition parties are being jailed in false cases. He said that the people of the country will answer the atrocities that BJP is committing in the country with their votes. He said that in Chandigarh, Aam Aadmi Party will give full support to India Alliance candidate Manish Tiwari and will send him to the Lok Sabha after making him victorious.

Dr. SS Ahluwalia said on this occasion that today a meeting of senior leaders, councilors and volunteers of Aam Aadmi Party was held to defeat BJP in the Lok Sabha elections. In the meeting, everyone unanimously announced that they will register a historic victory for the India Alliance candidate in Chandigarh. He said that the entire country is deeply troubled by the anti-people policies of BJP. In the last 10 years, BJP has ruined the entire country. The people of Chandigarh are also yearning for basic facilities. People are so fed up with BJP that now it has become difficult for their leaders to even enter the villages.

He further said that Aam Aadmi Party will go to every house of the city to make India Alliance candidate Manish Tiwari win by a big margin in Chandigarh. Every leader and volunteer of Aam Aadmi Party is standing like a rock with India Alliance. This will be the historic victory of the Indian Alliance candidate in Chandigarh so far.

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