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Exercise precaution in winters to maintain healthy bone health, says Dr Manit Arora

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Chandigarh, December 14, 2023: The onset of cold weather often brings discomfort for many, with stiff joints and bone pain being common complaints. Dr. Manit Arora, Senior Consultant in Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine at Fortis Hospital Mohali, explains that colder temperatures can aggravate soreness due to the constriction of blood vessels, leading to reduced blood flow to the joints.

· Why cold weather affects bones?
Stating that pain receptors become more sensitive during the winter season, Dr Arora, added, “Exposure to freezing temperature affects bone strength and causes joint pain. One should wear appropriate warm clothing and shouldn’t do any strenuous activity.”

Discussing the symptoms that could point towards a joint-related problem, Dr Arora, said, “Extreme cold can cause joint stiffness, pain, discomfort, thereby affecting the range of motion. In some cases, swelling or inflammation is also reported around the joints and knees. In such a scenario, one should seek consult from an orthopaedic doctor to alleviate the pain.”

· How to ensure good bone health
-Physical activity: Regular exercise helps improve blood circulation in the body. One should avoid venturing out in the cold and prefer the day temperatures as it helps in the absorption of Vitamin D. Movement and exercise helps the bones become stronger.

  • Hydrate: Ensure to stay hydrated as it is important for bone strength. Hydration also aids cardiovascular function.
  • Balanced diet: Consumption of a nutritious diet with adequate minerals, fats, vitamins, fiber, calcium and vitamin C, D and E along with B12 provides necessary ingredients for good health.
  • Drive safe: Ensure to drive safe as accidents and mishaps during the winter months due to fog can cause fractures.
  • Limit alcohol and caffeine: Consumption of excessive alcohol and caffeine interferes with calcium absorption. One should limit its intake for good bone health.

Dr. Arora’s recommendations serve as a guide to navigating the winter months while maintaining strong, healthy bones and reducing the risk of joint-related issues.

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