May 23, 2024

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New lease of life to 28-year-old kabaddi player at Fortis Mohali who had suffered a Heart Attack

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Mohali, September 20, 2023: Heart attack is a catastrophe, especially when a young person suffers it and has an adverse impact on the physical, mental and social health of the patient.

A 28-year-old kabaddi player recently got a new lease of life when he reported to Fortis Mohali emergency with chest pain. He underwent Thrombosuction (The removal of blood clot via a catheter), restoring his normal heart function and he was back to playing kabaddi within a few days after the procedure. Thrombosuction, in simple terms, is a medical procedure where a doctor uses a special device to suction or remove blood clots from a person’s blood vessels. It helps improve blood flow and prevent complications caused by blocked blood vessels.

While giving an insight into the case, Dr Ankur Ahuja, MD, DM, Senior Consultant, Cardiology, Fortis Hospital Mohali, said, “The patient’s ECG and Echo revealed anterior wall myocardial infarction (heart attack). The coronary angiography revealed large thrombus (clot) burden at two sites in the artery with blockage of the downstream site. Thrombosuction was done with opening up of the blockage and blood thinners were given. Repeat angiography was done next day and revealed well flowing vessel but persisting thrombus. Intravascular imaging with IVUS was done to reveal absence of any significant plague (cholesterol deposition), no plague rupture, with large thrombus burden and wide lumen. IVUS is a procedure that uses sound waves to perform comprehensive blood vessel assessments. He was discharged on blood thinners.”

He added, “Two weeks later, the patient’s angiography showed a clear and open artery without any blood clots. Thus, it was a case of heart attack in a youth managed with judicious use of current technologies (IVUS) to achieve an optimal result and the heart functions improved, helping him to be back to normal life again”,

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