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Understand headache triggers to avoid headaches getting converted into migraines: Dr. Ishank Goel

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Chandigarh, September 9, 2023: September 4 to 10 is observed as migraine awareness week. Experts stress that migraine is more than just a headache – it is a debilitating neurological disease. Despite being a common headache disorder, it affects 15 percent of the population.

Dr. Ishank Goel, Associate Consultant Neurology, Fortis Hospital, Mohali, said, “A headache is a common and often debilitating ailment that virtually everyone experiences at some point in their lives. Modern lifestyles can be quite stressful with long work hours, constant connectivity through technology, and various responsibilities.”

Stress trigger for headaches

Dr. Goel said, “Stress is a significant trigger for headaches, and the fast-paced nature of modern life can contribute to increased stress levels. Every headache does not need to be associated with pain, it can also be a mild discomfort in the head, scalp, or upper neck region. While headaches can be a result of various factors, they are generally classified into different types based on causes, symptoms, and severity.”

Headaches can be of different types

He further explains, Headaches can be of different types like primary headache, tension-type headache, migraine, and cluster-type headache. Understanding the underlying causes of headaches and knowing how to manage them can significantly improve one’s quality of life. Most people think that every headache is a migraine which is not always correct. People need to be aware of the different triggers associated with it so that these attacks and the chances of the headaches getting converted into migraines can be avoided. There are certain scientifically proven triggers like stress, dehydration, sudden changes in weather, inadequate sleep, unhealthy diet, bright lights, loud noises, and certain smells.

Migraine patients must avoid certain foods, sweet drinks

People with migraines must avoid certain foods like cheese, chocolate, and aerated and sweet drinks. If the headaches are associated with fever, weight loss, impaired alertness, blurred vision, or change in the character of the headache, urgent professional attention is required to avoid developing serious fatal issues. To conclude, scheduled eating, drinking enough water a day, meditation, and yoga are to be included in every person’s life to reduce the frequency and severity of headaches. Know about the specific things that trigger your headaches and work proactively to reduce them.

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