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Exercise, hydrate and eat healthy to maintain bone health in cold weather, says Dr Manit Arora

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Mohali, January 14, 2023: The freezing temperatures can wreak havoc for those suffering from joint pains or deteriorating bone health. This is because bone loss in our bodies is at the peak owing to a variety of factors.

Dr Manit Arora, Consultant, Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, Fortis Hospital Mohali, through an advisory explains the preventive measures to maintain healthy bones during winter.

How does cold weather affect bones?
Stating that cold weather tends to increase sensitivity when the temperature drops, Dr Arora, added, “Pain receptors become more sensitive during the winter season and prolonged exposure to freezing temperature affects bone strength and causes pain in joints. Wear appropriate woollen clothing and avoid falls,” said Dr Arora.

Tips to ensure bone health
• Exercise: Ensure to undertake physical activity or go for a brisk walk. Vitamin D from the sun is not only beneficial to the bones, but movement and exercise helps the bones become stronger and more robust due to re-modelling forces.
• Hydrate: Water consumption drops during the winter months and hence, less water is available for bone strength. Tea and coffee act as dehydrating forces. Ensure that water consumption remains good.
• Eat healthy: Heavy foods during the winter months are often bereft of important vitamins and minerals. Ensure to consume a balanced diet with plenty of calcium and vitamin C, D and E along with B12 to provide necessary ingredients for good health. A multi-vitamin is also a good option.
• Avoid long drives: Accidents continue to be one of the most common causes of fractures in India and this worsens during the winter months when thick fog engulfs the region. Try to travel during the sunlight hours and take multiple breaks to avoid over-exertion.
• Exercise caution: Be careful when walking on stairs and floors as frost and moisture can lead to falls and break bones. Ensure you have a good hand support on the stairs at all times and avoid places where you see slippery floors or roads.

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