September 25, 2023

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8th Endovascular & Ultrasound-guided Venous Intervention Course 2022 to be held at Fortis Mohali

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Mohali, August 12, 2022: To spread awareness on varicose veins and advanced treatment options associated with the management of varicose veins, Fortis Hospital Mohali is organizing the 8th Endovascular & Ultrasound-guided Venous Intervention Course-2022 (EUVIC). The event is scheduled to be held from August 12-14, 2022.

The medical course/ workshop is being organized in association with the Venous Association of India (VAI) under the patronage of the Vascular Society for Limb Salvage and will be attended by doctors from across the globe. More than 30 patients will undergo live surgery to provide hands-on training to all delegates to enhance their understanding of venous ultrasound physics and instrumentation, venous lower extremity ultrasound evaluation, mapping for vein ablation procedures and management of venous diseases.

Dr Ravul Jindal, Director, Vascular Surgery, Fortis Hospital Mohali, who will be leading the session and conducting the course, said, “The objective of the three-day course/workshop is to spread awareness about the symptoms, causes and treatment options of varicose veins. Patients suffering from the varicose veins have visible dilated veins in legs which cause pain, swelling, itching and bleeding. Some patients also experience skin pigmentation and ulceration in the leg. The medical ailment is diagnosed through clinical examination and duplex ultrasound; and there are various procedures to ablate these veins.”

The workshop will cover vascular ultrasound theory and practical training on models and patients; USG guided puncture of IJV/Femoral Vein/ Popliteal Vein/ Femoral Artery/ Axillary Vein/ Long Saphenous Vein and Short Saphenous Vein; medical stockings and four-layer compression stockings; practical training of advanced treatment of varicose veins with live demonstration of EVLT/RF/Foam Sclerotherapy; live demonstrations of DVT thrombolysis and IVC filter; cosmetic varicose veins treatment; live demonstration of stem cell & PRP therapy, mechanic-chemical ablation of varicose vein (MOCA), glue techniques and other latest procedures which will be demonstrated live.

Renowned International doctors – Prof. Jean Francois, Dr. Jean Patrick Benigni and Dr. Pascal Filori from France; Dr. Wassila Taha from Egypt; Dr. Suat Doganci & Dr. Ahmed Kursat Bozkurt from Turkey; Dr. Mark Whiteley from the UK alongwith Indian Doctors – Dr. D B Dekiwadia, Dr. R Pinjala, Dr. M Patel, Dr. Piyush Chaudhary, Dr. Amit Shrivastava, Dr. S Padaria, Dr. R Varghese, Dr. HS Bedi, Dr. D Selvaraj, Dr. S Desai, Dr. Gulshanjit Singh, Dr. UP Singh & Dr. Ladbans Kaur will deliver lectures and conduct the workshop.

The course will also be attended by varicose vein service providers, sonographers and other allied healthcare professionals.

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