June 24, 2024

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Fitness Experts Stress on making Yoga a Part of Life On International Yoga Day

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Mohali, June 21, 2022: On the occasion of International Yoga Day, Fortis Mohali in collaboration with NGO Tashvin Foundation organized a panel discussion at Fortis Mohali. The panel discussion focused on holistic health, wellness, diets, gym workouts, and ancient yoga techniques.

Discussing the importance of yoga, Abhijit Singh, Head-SBU, Fortis Hospital Mohali, “Yoga balances the mind and boosts the immune system. Regular yoga ensures better coordination between the mind, body and soul. Special breathing techniques such as Pranayama helps enhance physical and emotional well-being, manages stress levels, improves an individual’s concentration and increases self-awareness.”

Natasha Chopra of Tashvin said, “We invited yoga experts, gym and fitness trainers, and dieticians to share their insights about issues surrounding health – modern versus traditional diet, asanas versus machine workouts in gyms, pranayama versus normal breathing, the benefits of modern medicine, ancient Ayurveda and its importance in the Indian context and health in a totality. A question-answer session round made the discussion a two-way process. The healing of the body, mind and spirit, no matter what the method, was the philosophy of this unique interaction.”

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