March 30, 2023

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Deep Sidhu’s dream fulfilled, office of social organization ‘Waris Punjab De’ inaugurated

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Mohali, May 2, 2022: Realizing the dream of the real hero of the Sikh community, late Deep Sidhu, the office of a social organization named ‘Waris Punjab De’ was inaugurated at SCO 1A, Life Style Square, Sector 116, which will work for the fulfilment of public interest and legitimate demands from the government.

On this occasion Deep Sidhu’s brother Mandeep Sidhu while interacting with the reporters said that the purpose of today’s press conference is to inaugurate the office which Deep has been striving for throughout his life and it was the dream of Deep that the organization should have an office and with that dream today we are going to launch it. We will try to open other offices of the organization in Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Bathinda, as it was the dream of Deep.

Mandeep Singh briefing about Waris Punjab De, said, Deep had formed a social organization with the help of Sangat. He added, after the death of his brother in the last two months, some misleading posts on Facebook and other social media have been noticed. We refute all these baseless allegations which have no legal sanctity.

He said most of those from the 16 member team formed by Deep are present here today who were appointed by Deep and the head post was Harnek Singh Uppal, then what is the need for the post of new head or Mukh Sevadar?

Some mischievous elements are trying to spread false propaganda against Sangat and family and those who were working against Deep under a specific purpose or agenda, he added.

This social organization formed by Deep Sidhu should be given full support so that they can fight together for the existence of this organisation which was a dream of Deep.

Deep Sidhu cannot be linked to any organisation of political party, he said, adding, Deep loved everyone and kept in touch with everyone and took everyone with him. “We assure you that this thinking of Deep will be fully implemented. In the coming days, all the religious bodies and people of Punjab will be contacted.

Along with Deep’s family, others present were all those faces who had worked with Deep from the beginning at the grassroots level and served the Punjab and the Panth. “No face is big or small, all are equal and all are servants. We all have full respect for Deep’s family and will continue to do so. No one has the right to ask what was the family’s support for Deep. The whole world knows that when everyone was against Deep and when Deep was in jail, his family and friends stood by him”, added his brother.

He said that Deep Sidhu didn’t care about any politics, as he just stumbled upon the posts of President, MLAs, MPs and other posts. He was neither the president nor the member of the organization, because he thought these things were too small. Deep only talked about the politics of famine. Deep always considered everyone equal and all work as sevadars, so what is the need for the post of Mukh Sevadar?

He said that using the name of Deep Sidhu to establish political goals is a betrayal of Punjab. “We also request and warn everyone that no one should try to mislead the Sangat in Punjab and abroad in the name of Deep Sidhu”, he added.

Mandeep Sidhu said that in the coming days, the organization will give its program in which the struggle for the release of the captive Sikhs will be done and all the Panth parties will be approached to conduct the SGPC elections in the coming days.

He told that whatever work is done about Deep Sidhu Memorial Trust, upcoming projects like adopting 5 villages, as was the dream of Deep Sidhu, organising seminars at college and university level, etc will be taken up on priority, as was the dream of Deep.

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