December 2, 2023

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Orientation Session for Allen students held

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Dr. Harish Sharma

Chandigarh, April 3, 2022: Allen Career Institute, a premier coaching institute known for providing the best pedagogy across the world, stepped forward today as the torchbearer with the orientation session held for the students who will be recommencing their offline class mode journey post COVID.

The session, which was held in three sets all through the day, presented insightful information for the students and their parents. It envisaged helping them with the pattern of study and work required in the new academic session. Keeping in mind the importance of making the children well versed with the toil required to achieve their goals, these sessions were held immediately before the commencement of the new academic session.

Held in three batches for the Pre-Medical aspirants, IIT aspirants, and the younger students in Foundation classes, the orientation was filled with the high energy and utmost enthusiasm of both students and parents. The faculty and staff of Allen registered a hearty presence throughout the day at the venue and helped facilitate the event in an effortless fashion.

Sadanand Wani, Tricity Centre Head of Allen, gave the inaugural speech and highlighted the importance of the parents’ role in the students’ academics. He went on to stress upon the support expected from them by the students, while clearly specifying to the students the importance of becoming solutionaries to managing their busy schedule.

Dr. Harish Sharma, renowned Child Psychologist and Students behaviour expert, initiated the WOW (wings of wisdom) session and threw light on the power of manifestation: converting imagination into reality. Embracing the multidisciplinary setting, he addressed the students on how to focus on studies and stay away from distractions. He made the students understand that the demanding curriculum needs a positive and powerful mindset. He shared tips on how to keep laziness at bay and join hands with a healthy routine and lifestyle.

C.R. Chaudhary, Senior Vice President of Allen

The session’s trajectory paced when C.R. Chaudhary, Senior Vice President of Allen, boosted confidence in the students by sharing his experience of 23 years as a consistent learner. He prodded parents not to compare their child with anyone and celebrate his/her uniqueness. He also reiterated the fact that time management is the key to superior student performance.

In conclusion, Sanjay Gaur, Senior Physics faculty and core team member Kota Rajasthan, enounced that home is where the foundation of a child’s vision builds. He focused on the significance of a routine followed by the students religiously to achieve their goals.

Finally, the students were given a preview into the coming years of their training at Allen. The parents and students were further provided all the other relevant details including the detailed annual academic calendar for the upcoming academic session, helpline numbers of various departments to enable them to address any need as it may arise in the duration of their journey with Allen Career Institute.

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